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2016 Combined Bomb Group Reunion

The 485th BG Association is proud to participate in the
2016 Combined Bomb Group Reunion
that will be held in Dallas, Texas
Thursday Oct 13th - Sunday Oct 16th 2016
See Details & Registration Information HERE 




2016 Poland Tour

Hosted by Szymon Serwatka
See PDF HERE for tour information

485th Bomb Group Association (Official) Facebook Group


Please follow the link above to access Facebook and note the group rules when posting

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2015 Kansas City
(First Combined Bomb Group Reunion)
The 485th BG Association was proud to be part of the seven bomb groups attending this first
for us kind of reunion and felt very welcomed by all the groups attending.  
Click HERE to read more or to see the VIDEO PRESENTATIONS


2014 Dallas, Texas

50th & Final 485th Officially Hosted Reunion 

Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA Story on the 485th


2013 Tampa, Florida


2012 Washington, DC


2011 San Diego, California

Tom Brokaw Special 485th Message



2010 Charleston, South Carolina


2009 Cincinnati, Ohio


2008 San Antonio, Texas


2007 Kansas City, Missouri


2006 Columbia, South Carolina


2005 Tucson, Arizona


2004 Washington, DC


2003 Little Rock, Arkansas


2002 Reno, Nevada


2001 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


2000 St. Louis, Missouri


1999 Denver, Colorado


1998 Louisville, Kentucky


1997 Dallas, Texas


1996 Savannah, Georgia


1995 Scottsdale, Arizona


1994 Memphis, Tennessee


1993 Albuquerque, New Mexico


1992 Peabody, Massachusetts


1991 Little Rock, Arkansas


1990 Dayton, Ohio


1989 San Antonio, Texas


1988 St. Petersburg, Florida


1987 Scottsdale, Arizona


1986 Nashville, Tennessee


1985  Harlingen, Texas


1984  Charlotte, North Carolina


1983 Chicago, Illinois


1982 Austin, Texas


1981  Louisville, Kentucky


1980 European Tour


1979 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


1978 Newport Beach, California


1977 Minneapolis, Minnesota


1976 Vail, Colorado


1975 Atlanta, Georgia


1974 York, Nebraska


1973 Rochester, New York


1972 Houston, Texas


1971 Atlantic City, New Jersey


1970 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


1969 St. Louis, Missouri


1968  Dearborn, Missouri


1967 Dayton, Ohio


1966 Grand Rapids, Michigan


1965 Newton Falls, Ohio