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This web site is dedicated to the men who served with the 485th Bomb Group
in Italy during World War II. They answered the call, fought and served
and many died in aerial combat defending their country.



1 10-May Knin, Yugoslavia Marshalling Yards
2 12-May Via Reggio, Italy Marshalling Yards
3 13-May Modena, Italy Marshalling Yards
4 14-May Mestre, Italy Marshalling Yards
5 17-May Piobino, Italy Marshalling Yards
6 18-May Nis, Yugoslavia Bridges
7 19-May Bologna, Italy Marshalling Yards
8 22-May Valmontone. Italy Marshalling Yards
9 23-May Valmontone. Italy Marshalling Yards
10 24-May Wiener-Neustadt, Austria Wollersdorf Airdrome
11 25-May Amberieu, France Marshalling Yards
12 26-May Lyon, France Marshalling Yards
13 27-May Nimes, France Marshalling Yards
14 29-May Vienna, Austria Aircraft Factory
15 30-May Neunkirchen, Austria Aircaft Assem Plant
16 31-May Ploesti, Rumania Redeventa Refinery
17 2-Jun Cluj, Rumania Marshalling Yards
18 4-Jun Turin, Italy Marshalling Yards
19 5-Jun Forli, Italy Marshalling Yards
20 6-Jun Ploesti, Rumania Dacia Oil Refinery
21 7-Jun Leghorn, Italy Harbor Installations
22 9-Jun Munich, Germany Aircraft Factory
23 10-Jun Trieste, Italy Marshalling Yards
24 11-Jun Smedervo, Yugoslavia Oil Refinery
25 13-Jun Munich, Germany Ordnance Depot
26 14-Jun Petfurdo, Hungary Oil Plant
27 16-Jun Vienna, Austria Lobau Oil Refinery
28 22-Jun Castel-Meggiore, Italy Marshalling Yards
29 23-Jun Guirgiu, Romania Irgiu Oil Installations
30 25-Jun Sete, France Sete Oil Refinery
31 26-Jun Vienna, Austria Florisdorf Oil Refinery
32 28-Jun Bucharest, Rumania Titan Oil Refinery
33 30-Jun Split, Yugoslavia Marshalling Yards
34 2-Jul Budapest, Hungary Marshalling Yards
35 3-Jul Timisoara, Rumania Marshalling Yards
36 5-Jul Toulon, France Submarine Docks
37 6-Jul Near Mestre, Italy Marghera Oil Storage
38 7-Jul Blechhammer, Germany N. Synthetic Oil Plant
39 8-Jul Vienna, Austria Florisdorf Oil Refinery
40 12-Jul Nimes, France Marshalling Yards
41 13-Jul Near Mestre, Italy Marghera Oil Storage
42 14-Jul Mantua, Italy Marshalling Yards
43 15-Jul Ploesti, Rumania Sperantza Oil Refinery
44 16-Jul Weiner-Neustadt, Austria ME-109 Engine Factory
45 19-Jul Munich, Germany Allach BMW Motor Wks
46 20-Jul Friedrichschafen, Germany Lufschiffbau Zepplin 
47 22-Jul Ploesti, Rumania Americano Oil Refinery
48 24-Jul Valence, France La Tresorerie Air Drome
49 25-Jul Linz, Austria H. Goring Tank Works
50 26-Jul Vienna, Austria Zwolfaxing Air Drome
Szombathely, Hungary Airdrome
51 28-Jul Ploesti, Rumania Standard Oil Refinery
52 30-Jul Budapest, Hungary Duna Airdrome
53 2-Aug Genoa, Italy Harbor Installations
54 3-Aug Friedrichschafen, Germany Manzell Aircraft Works
55 6-Aug Tarascon, France Rhone Railroad Bridge
56 7-Aug Blechhammer, Germany N. Synthetic Oil  Plant
57 9-Aug Budapest, Hungary Tokol Airdrome
58 10-Aug Ploesti, Rumania Atro Oil Refinery
59 12-Aug Sete, France Gun Installations
60 13-Aug Sete, France Gun Installations
61 14-Aug St. Tropex, France Gun Positions
62 15-Aug Pont St. Esprit, France Highway Bridge
63 16-Aug Friedrichschafen, Germany Ober Chemical Works
64 18-Aug Ploesti, Rumania Americano Oil Refinery
65 21-Aug Nis, Yugoslavia Nis Airdrome
66 22-Aug Vienna, Austria Koreneuburg Oil Stor.
67 23-Aug Markersdorf, Austria Airdrome
68 24-Aug Pardubice, Czechoslovakia Oil Refinery
69 25-Aug Prostejov, Czechoslovakia Airdrome
70 27-Aug Blechhammer, Germany South  Oil Refinery
71 28-Aug Szony, Hungary Oil Refinery
72 29-Aug Moravska/Ostrava, Czech. Marshalling Yards
73 1-Sep Szajol, Hungary Marshalling Yards
74 4-Sep Ora, Italy (Brenner Valley) Rairoad  Bridge 
75 5-Sep Szob, Hungary Railroad Bridge
76 6-Sep Nyiregyhaza, Hungary Marshalling Yards
77 10-Sep Vienna, Austria SE Industrial Area
78 12-Sep Wasserberg, Germany Jet Aircraft Factory
79 13-Sep Oswiecim, Poland Synthetic Oil & Rubber
80 17-Sep Budapest, Hungary Magyar Oil Refinery
81 18-Sep Budapest, Hungary North  Railroad Bridge
82 20-Sep Hatvan, Hungary N.  Marshalling Yards
83 21-Sep Brod, Yugoslavia N.  Marshalling Yards
84 22-Sep Munich, Germany Oberweisenfeld BMW
85 23-Sep Northern Italy Latisana RR Bridge
Northern Italy Ponte-Piave RR Bridge
86 24-Sep Salonika, Greece W. Marshalling Yards
87 4-Oct Mezzocorona, Italy Adige/Mezz RR Bridge
Ora, Italy (Brenner Valley) Adige/Ora RR Bridge
88 7-Oct Vienna, Austria Winterhaffen Oil Storage
89 10-Oct Susegana, Italy Suse./Piave RR Bridge 
90 12-Oct Bologna, Italy Ammunition Dump
91 12-Oct Banhida, Hungary S. Marshalling Yards
92 16-Oct Graz, Austria A/C Engine Factory
93 17-Oct Nagykaniza, Hungary Marshalling Yards
94 20-Oct Rosenheim, Germany Marshalling Yards
95 23-Oct Augsburg, Germany M.A.M. Works
96 1-Nov Graz, Austria Marshalling Yards
Komend, Austria Marshalling Yards
Studenzen, Austria Marshalling Yards
97 3-Nov Munich, Germany (PFF 3 A/C) W. Marshalling Yards
98 4-Nov Linz, Austria Benzol Plant
99 4-Nov Podgrica, Yugo (PFF 2 A/C) Selected Building
100 5-Nov Vienna, Austria Florisdorf Oil Refinery
101 5-Nov Podgrica, Yugo ( 6 A/C) Building in So Central
102 6-Nov Vienna, Austria S. Ordnance Depot
103 7-Nov Ora, Italy (Benner Valley) Adige/Ora RR Bridge
104 15-Nov Linz, Austria (PFF 3 A/C) Benzol Oil Refinery
105 16-Nov Munich, Germany  W. Marshalling Yards
106 17-Nov Blechhammer, Germany  S. Synthetic Oli Refin.
107 18-Nov Udine, Italy Airdrome
108 19-Nov Horsching, Austria Airdrome
109 20-Nov Blechhammer, Germany  South Oil Refinery
110 22-Nov Salzburg, Austria Marshalling Yards
111 25-Nov Munich, Germany PPF I A/C W. Marshalling Yards
112 3-Dec Klagenfurt, Austria PPF 2A/C Marshalling Yards
113 6-Dec Hegyeshalom, Hungary Marshalling Yards
114 8-Dec Gliesdorf, Austria PPF I A/C RR Junction
115 12-Dec Blechhammer, Ger. PPF 1 A/C  S. Oil Refinery
Norravska, Czech PPF I A/C Oil Refinery
116 15-Dec Salzburg, Austria Marshalling Yards
117 16-Dec Pilsen, Czech PPF Pilsen
118 17-Dec Blechhammer, Germany  S. Synthic Oil Refinery
119 18-Dec Blechhammer, Germany  S. Synthic Oil Refinery
120 19-Dec Maribor, Yugoslavia PFF Maribor
121 20-Dec Brux, Czechoslovakia Synthic Oil Refinery
122 26-Dec Blechhammer, Germany  S. Oil Refinery
123 27-Dec Maribor, Yugoslavia PFF Marshalling Yards
Kalgenfurt. Austria Marshalling Yards
Villach, Austria Marshalling Yards
124 28-Dec Kralupy, Czechoslovakia Oil Refinery
125 29-Dec Verona. Italy Marshalling Yards
126 8-Jan Salzburg, Austria Salzburg
Villach, Austria
127 19-Jan Zagreb, Yugoslavia E. Marshalling Yards
128 20-Jan Linz, Austria Communications
129 31-Jan Moosbierbaum, Austria Oil Refinery
Maribor, Yugoslavia Marshalling Yards
130 1-Feb Graz, Austria Graz Area
131 5-Feb Regensburg, Germany Oil Storage
132 7-Feb Pola, Italy Oil Storage
133 8-Feb Vienna, Austria S. Goods Depot
134 9-Feb Moosbierbaum, Austria 2 A/C Oil Refinery
135 13-Feb Vienna, Austria S. Goods Depot
136 13-Feb Graz, Austria Marshalling Yards
137 14-Feb Vienna, Austria Lobau Oil Refinery
138 15-Feb Wiener-Neustadt Main Station
139 16-Feb Regensburg, Germany Obertaubling A/C Plant
140 17-Feb Pola, Italy Harbor Targets
141 19-Feb Pola, Italy Harbor Targets
142 20-Feb Trieste, Italy Harbor Targets
143 21-Feb Vienna, Austria Marshalling Yards
144 22-Feb Casarsa, Italy Target at Casarsa
145 23-Feb Bruck, Austria Target at Bruck
146 24-Feb Northern Italy Aborted
147 25-Feb Linz, Austria Benzol Plant
148 27-Feb Augsburg, Germany Marshalling Yards
149 28-Feb Ora, Italy  (Brenner Valley) Marshalling Yards
150 1-Mar St. Polten, Austria Marshalling Yards
Amstetten, Austria Marshalling Yards
151 2-Mar Linz, Austria Marshalling Yards
152 4-Mar Szombathely, Hungary Marshalling Yards
153 8-Mar Verona. Italy Marshalling Yards
154 9-Mar Graz, Austria Stn/Y
155 12-Mar Vienna, Austria Florisdorf Oil Refinery
156 13-Mar Regensburg, Germany Marshalling Yards
157 14-Mar Nove Zamky, Hungary Marshalling Yards
158 15-Mar St. Polten, Austria Marshalling Yards
159 16-Mar Amstetten, Austria Marshalling Yards
160 19-Mar Muhldorf, Germany Marshalling Yards
161 20-Mar Amstetten, Austria Marshalling Yards
162 21-Mar Neuburg, Germany Airdrome
163 22-Mar Vienna, Austria Marshalling Yards
164 23-Mar Gmund, Austria Marshalling Yards
165 24-Mar Neuburg, Germany Airdrome
166 25-Mar Prague, Czechoslovakia Airdrome
167 26-Mar Bratislava, Czech Marshalling Yards
168 30-Mar Vienna, Austria N Station& Goods Depot
169 31-Mar Villach, Austria Marshalling Yards
170 1-Apr Austria Aborted
171 2-Apr Graz, Austria Marshalling Yards
172 5-Apr Turin, Italy RR  Depot
173 7-Apr Northern Italy Aborted
174 8-Apr Fortezza, Italy ( Brenner  V.) Marshalling Yards
175 9-Apr Bologna Area, Italy Frontlines
176 10-Apr Bologna Area, Italy Frontlines
177 11-Apr Northern Italy Campo-Trens RR Bridge
178 12-Apr Northern Italy Ponte-Piave RR Bridge
179 14-Apr Northern Italy Ossopo M/T Depot
180 15-Apr Bologna Area, Italy Gun Installations
181 16-Apr Bologna Area, Italy Gun Installations
182 17-Apr Bologna Area, Italy Gun Installations
183 19-Apr Rosenheim, Germany Marshalling Yards
Udine, Italy Airdrome
184 20-Apr Northern Italy Garazara Rd Bridge
21-Apr Northern Italy Aborted
185 23-Apr Padua, Italy Road Bridge
Cavarzera, Italy Road Bridge
186 24-Apr Casarsa, Italy Diversion Bridge
187 25-Apr Linz, Austria      (Last Mission) Marshalling Yards

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