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485th KIA

After many hours of research nearly all of the men listed as Missing in Action (MIA) that were listed in the AF mission records have been found and are listed as Killed in Action (KIA) or Prisoner of War (POW).

Last Name First Name Rank Serial #   Sqdn
Abramowich Alex   Sgt 32417852   828th
Adams James O Cpl 35582823   831st
Alden Ernest H Jr 2nd Lt 0-707477   830th
Allen Hunter M Sgt 32277299   831st
Anderson Andrew W S/Sgt 17161692   828th
Anderson Robert D Sgt 17065008   829th
Anderson William E 2nd Lt 0-825534   829th
Andrele Austin A 2nd Lt  
Andrew  Treat P Jr Cpl 31336925   830th
Andrews  Charles W T/Sgt 20340856   831st
Arcaro Anthony F Pfc 33452842   831st
Arguien Leo S Sgt 31119903   831st
Arnold Lloyd R S/Sgt 14169547   828th
Ascario Joseph Jr Sgt 32646595   831st
Asher James L 2nd Lt 0-758511   829th
Ashmore Arthur H Sgt 18201497   831st
Askey Stanley L Sgt 33188160   831st
Austin Herman C Lt.     831st
Backus Raymond L Pfc 36666236   831st
Badger Glenn C Sgt 11098086   829th
Bailey Chester E S/Sgt 11013084   828th
Baker Thomas F 2nd Lt 0-810793   828th
Baker  George I Sgt 14046752   831st
Baker  Herman A Sgt 15-61208   831st
Barber Young B 2nd Lt 0-801974   831st
Barr Thomas L Cpl 13179613   828th
Barrera Antonio R Pvt 38240246   831st
Barrett Edmund W Cpl 31161657   831st
Bearden Randall B 2nd Lt 0-810799   828th
Bedford Coleman E Sgt 39406206   831st
BeGole William D 1st Lt 0-825764   828th 
Bell George H Sgt 17088886   831st
Bender Edward W Sgt 32791932   830th
Bengivengo Joseph Cpl 12101977   830th
Benjamin William R Pfc 19148659   831st
Bequette Earl E Cpl 19203069   831st
Berkowitz Joe 2nd Lt   829th
Bernhard Eric L S/Sgt 12162195   831st
Bernhard Eric L S/sgt 12162195   831st
Bertelli Alfred P S/Sgt 11207060   831st
Biles John R 1st Lt 0-710420   830th
Bilsky Merton 2nd Lt 0-768852   830th
Bishop   831st
Blanco Joseph Cpl 31325312   831st
Bloomfield Jacob   2nd Lt 0-2056542   831st
Bloser George T Pvt 13093687   831st
Blumenkrantz Harry Pfc 32873831   831st
Boehme Richard H 1st Lt 0-785347   829th
Boone Joseph H Sgt 35469236   831st
Boslow Howard 2nd Lt 0-2063344   828th
Bourassa Lionel B T/Sgt 11087696   829th
Boynton Robert H   831st
Bozzelli Anthony F Cpl 32265364   831st
Bratus Edmund P Cpl 32767077   831st
Braun Valentine J 1st Lt 0-709761   831st
Bremer Clarence C Pfc 15103761   831st
Breshears John H Sgt 19013921   831st
Brewer Alvin J Cpl 38465002   831st
Broker Walter L Jr Sgt 18226738   829th
Brook William T Cpl 33477229   831st
Brown Donald G Cpl 35879798   828th
Brown James N Cpl 39694112   831st
Brown John P Sgt 36334078   831st
Brown Ormiston D F/O T123537   831st
Brown Richard C Pfc 35602034   831st
Buchenauer Peter J S/Sgt 36291945   829th
Bucheri Paul Cpl 31174298   831st
Buczinski Charles F Sgt 31341233   831st
Burgess Charles M 2nd Lt 0-778401   828th
Burgess Harold D Sgt 37542976   828th
Burgess James A Sgt 18025542   831st
Burke John J Sgt 33461409   831st
Burns Travis M Sgt 34916638   828th
Burrows Webster T S/Sgt 17090166   829th
Busick William 1st Lt   829th
Cahen III James P 2nd Lt 0-722999   829th
Callahan Richard T/Sgt   829th
Campbell Joseph W S/sgt 34384516   831st
Campbell Percy w T/Sgt 32205435   831st
Canale Louis P Sgt 32794860   831st
Capitaens Robert 2nd Lt   828th
Care Lester D T/Sgt 33187812   831st
Carmody John L 2nd Lt 0-2057885   829th
Carroll James F S/Sgt 31302986   830th
Carter Elmer F Sgt 39550429   831st
Carter Jack L 2nd Lt 0-792518   831st
Cavey Arthur E Pfc 33391315   831st
Chaffee Edward D Cpl 39278362   831st
Chambers William S Cpl 17158719   831st
Christenson Harry B F/O T-63594   828th
Clark Desmond N S/Sgt 31382676   830th
Clasen Robert C Cpl 37555327   829th
Clay Charles W Pfc 35654866   831st
Collins Richard J Pfc 31310682   831st
Combs Paul M S/Sgt 37060154   829th
Conner John W Cpl 32555158   831st
Connor Robert S M S/Sgt 31110159   828th
Cook Fred H Jr Pfc 38510134   831st
Cook Hubert G Pfc 14095887   831st
Cooper 1st Lt   828th
Copenhaver Michael C  S/Sgt 38366434   829th
Copps Calvin W S/Sgt 37357426   830th
Crabb Hal Land S/Sgt 38420439   829th
Crace Roland T Cpl 15334792   831st
Cragg Lawrence Cpl 37326767   831st
Crain Roger G Pvt 39911576   831st
Crouchley John D 2nd Lt 0-802172   828th
Cullen Joseph M S/Sgt 32886110   829th
Cummings Philip E Capt 0-793740   829th
Cybert Stanley Sgt 31062133   831st
Daehn Arthur I 2nd Lt 0-776956   828th
Dailey Malcom C 2nd Lt 0-827620   829th
Daul Donald Pfc 37555861   831st
Davis Doyle A Pfc 38504945   831st
Davis Ralph D Cpl 34450394   831st
Dawe Richard J Cpl 16118933   830th
Day Philip B S/sgt 34438073   831st
DeMarco Michael L Sgt 32746793   831st
Demaster Joseph P S/Sgt 16148486   831st
DeMelio Rocco F Cpl 12078354   831st
Demmler Donald F Cpl 42059019   829th
Desjardins Earl A 2nd Lt 0-818638   831st
Dial Carli S/Sgt 34671609   831st
Dimillo Nunzio Cpl 31116228   831st
Dimlow Gordon J Sgt 31327348   831st
Disney Henry C Sgt 14161281   831st
Dittman Clarence G Pfc 36812300   831st
Dixon James W T/Sgt 36123970   829th
Dobler John T 2nd Lt 0-719578   828th
Donahue Louis V Sgt 31132259   831st
Dorow Leslie H S/Sgt 36293431   829th
Dorsey Thomas E Jr Sgt 31077486   831st
Dotseth Kennard  2nd Lt 0-702154   828th
Dougherty Walter L Cpl 19124840   831st
Douglass Richard R Cpl 14166807   828th
Downey Robert L Sgt 12169472   828th
Dragun Stanley J Sgt 31132835   831st
Drobisewski Alex Cpl 11083777   831st
Duer Richard N 2nd Lt 0-703456   829th
Dunmire Blaine R Pfc 33438832   831st
Duran Pete V Pvt 39855995   831st
Durden Jerry B 2nd Lt 0-695481   828th
Dwyer Francis X Sgt 11073277   830th
Eberl Keith E Pfc 37559680   831st
Eddie George E Sgt 39121135   831st
Edwards Ralph H Pfc 36659122   831st
Eggers William T S/Sgt 37393134   831st
Eggleston Duwane 2nd Lt 0-2001254   828th
Elliott Samuel F Cpl 37678716   828th
Emery Milton  M/Sgt 20250592   830th
Evans John C Cpl 34794588   829th
Fabry Charles H 1st Lt 0-711166   828th
Fales James H Sgt 37235680   828th
Faria George B Pfc 31270720   831st
Farnsworth Louis N Capt 0-448001   831st
Feeny George F Sgt 11069498   828th
Felice Anthony T Pvt 39210097   831st
Finch Ernest M Pfc 37496121   831st
Finley Robert H Pfc 36481853   831st
Finstrom Eric A S/Sgt 20249527   830th
Fisher Lester C Pfc 31132279   831st
Flower James E Sgt 38410263   828th
Flynn John J S/Sgt 12175983   829th
Foster Keith C 2nd Lt 0-669234   829th
Frame Charles R S/Sgt 18187571   830th
Franche Lawrence F T/Sgt 20645990   830th
Franquet Earl W S/Sgt 13030836   831st
French Frederick O Sgt 38312585   831st
Friedman Stanley M 2nd Lt 0-584367   831st
Fuccillo George A FO T129140   829th
Fuccillo George A 2nd Lt 0-1998952   829th
Furletti Mario J Cpl 32838088   831st
Gaffney Robert G S/Sgt 12219446   830th
Gajdzis Victor S/sgt 32208316   831st
Gambrill Donald L Captain 0-822680   830th
Gardner James E Pfc 35338799   831st
Garlock Howard J Pvt 39700890   831st
Garrett Anderson E S/Sgt 34810666   830th
Garrett Anderson E Cpl 34810666   830th
Gasioreck Al S/Sgt   829th
Gaskill Wilbert W Pfc 34464002   831st
Gates Elvis R S/Sgt 38355206   829th
Geier Emanuel Cpl 39330648   830th
Gemski Walter J Cpl 32571866   831st
Geoghan Thomas Sgt 11116251   831st
Gibb Edward T Pvt 37657278   831st
Gibson Edward W S/sgt 16168247   831st
Giese Wesley J S/Sgt 36827294   830th
Gilbert Roy L Pfc 13108836   831st
Gillette Robert 1st Lt 0-799566   831st
Gilliland Avery M 2nd Lt 0-682847   828th
Gluckman Stanley Cpl 12083672   831st
Gordon Frederic C 1st Lt 0-716418   828th
Gowan Thomas E    Sgt 34125130   831st
Graham Robert J 2nd Lt 0-768519   829th
Granger Robert E Sgt 39014983   831st
Graves Bruce L T/Sgt 35217899   829th
Green Ralph E Jr Sgt 6275548   831st
Greene Jerome J Cpl 35347802   831st
Griffin Albert C Jr 2nd Lt 0-2064247   828th
Griffin Frank S/Sgt   831st
Griffin John H Sgt 33050135   831st
Griggs Dennis H 2nd Lt 0-705120   831st
Griggs Lawrence P S/Sgt 39274364   831st
Grill Harley G T/Sgt 18001604   830th
Grippo Frank J S/Sgt 32860360   829th
Grist John W Pfc 34768105   831st
Gross Philmore S/Sgt 39551932   831st
Grover William J Cpl 31321883   831st
Guerriero Pelligrino W Sgt 32438099   831st
Hafemeister William J F/O T-134686   828th
Hall Jesse L S/Sgt 33901961   829th
Hall Matthew W 2nd Lt 0-805445   831st
Hammack William D Sgt 14153558   829th
Hammel Edward 2nd Lt 0-758559   831st
Handler John F S/Sgt 33275143   829th
Hanley Thomas P Pvt 32892574   831st
Hardesty William A   Pvt 36481158   831st
Hardman Richard A 2nd Lt 0-824524   831st
Hargrave Bloyce E T/Sgt 36481662   830th
Harris Earl B 2nd Lt 0-687841   830th
Harrison Adolphus H Sgt 14090873   829th
Hart Clement A Pfc 31270963   831st
Harvey Jesse C Sr Cpl 37727855   830th
Hastings Durwood F Pfc 37619031   831st
Hegmann Robert E 1st Lt 0-816304   829th
Hellman  Maurice T/Sgt 15048330   830th
Helmer Frank R Sgt 39453394   831st
Hermans Robert M 2nd Lt 0-717789   831st
Hernandez Inez T Pvt 39704875   831st
Hernandez Margarito R Pvt 39290964   831st
Herod John W Sgt 15063549   831st
Herzfeldt Wallace W 2nd Lt 0-758564   831st
Heuer Raymond R Sgt 17110736   829th
Hewgley James W Pfc 35693420   831st
Higle William F Cpl 37157300   831st
Hinrichs Harvey D S/sgt 39379212   831st
Hirsch    John J Jr S/Sgt 12086613   831st
Holcomb Fales E 2nd Lt 0-702919   828th
Holcomb Fales E 2nd Lt 0-702919   828th
Hope Edward D S/Sgt 17028895   828th
Horbinski Raymond T M/Sgt 20645943   831st
Houck Raymond J Pfc 32374523   831st
Hubbard Jack   F/O T127595   828th
Hurley Clement H 2nd Lt 0-759849   829th
Hurton Thomas F Jr Sgt 11139239   829th
Hymer Hughland Sgt 13121425   830th
Iacobacci Nathan S/Sgt 32605688   831st
Innocenti Levio U S/Sgt 39043413   829th
Irmen Robert F Sgt 37161487   831st
Isbell Isaac L Sgt 34398015   829th
Ivy Thearon O Pvt 18200511   831st
Jackson W.H. Cpl 39394001   830th
Jacobs Edward B Sgt 36830766   828th
Jacobson Merwin W 2nd Lt 0-838441   829th
Jernigan William D Capt 0-422883   830th
Jewell Robert D Sgt 17175551   831st
Jocelyn Theoff F Jr Pfc 36752082   831st
Johnson George A S/sgt 31066662   831st
Johnson  Raymond G 2nd Lt 0-709234   830th
Jones Charles W Sgt   829th
Jones Glenn Captain   829th
Jones Wesley D Pfc 38185953   831st
Jordan Richard C 2nd Lt 0-758574   829th
Kapaloski Edward Jr 2nd Lt 0-818162   830th
Kaplan Lewis L Sgt 42006288   831st
Kaukus William S Cpl 32891833   828th
Keller Jesse E S/Sgt 38428878   829th
Keprowski Henry Cpl 32590178   828th
Kess Lewis E Cpl 33418541   831st
Kinford Richard S Pfc 35065509   831st
Klinger Francis H Sgt 36146432   831st
Knab Lester W  2nd Lt 0-758708   829th
Knott Albert W S/Sgt 3?404249   829th
Kogelschatz Henry C 2nd Lt 0-828458   828th
Kohler Elmer D F/O T-61465   829th
Koller Leegrand H Sgt 13048684   828th
Kovich Mike S/Sgt   829th
Krueger LaVern R Sgt 35766924   829th
Kurzynowski Peter P Sgt 32565959   831st
Kuszler Walter J Sgt 35799307   829th
Labaron Richard A 2nd Lt 0-2065160   830th
LaFrance Keith L S/Sgt 32432081   828th
Lajkowicz Joseph J S/Sgt 32323643   828th 
Lambros Peter D Sgt 15126655   829th
Lapp James E Pfc 37473036   831st
Larkin Robert N F/O T-62903   830th
Latham Everett G 2nd Lt 0-723636   829th
Latwaitis Jonas A F/O T-61254   829th
Latzo Andrew W S/Sgt 33030284   829th
Laur Joseph T Cpl 33424310   831st
Lawrence William C 2nd Lt 0-804692   831st
Lazarakis James L Cpl 31263470   828th
Lee Leonard B S/Sgt 32139436   828th
Lescovitz Harris H Pfc 11090723   831st
Lesh Leonard Sgt 37144990   829th
Lester Eugene S/Sgt 14138090   830th
Leturno James T/Sgt 36741590   831st
Levcik Stephen E Cpl 33669001   831st
Lewis Clayton D Cpl 32579483   831st
Lieblang George J T/Sgt 32687276   830th
Lindell Arthur E 1st Lt 0-823085   828th
Lindsey Walter D Sgt 20445318   831st
Little Ross J T/Sgt 16030359   831st
Lovette William A Jr Cpl 14187747   831st
Lowe William Jr   828th
Lusk Charles C S/Sgt 15064249   828th
Lyons Chauncey G Cpl 13188170   830th
MacDonald Everett L T/Sgt 31089177   831st
Mackey William J Pfc 17151439   831st
Madrigal Ignacio C Sgt 39573830   828th
Magness John N Sgt 33725891   829th
Manweiler Emil Sgt 17064898   831st
Marshall Chester F Cpl 33243829   831st
Marston Dale W 2nd Lt 0-826925   831st
Martin Frank 1st Sgt 19083958   831st
Martin Herman L Sgt 38475769   829th
Martin John B 1st Lt 0-323094   831st
Maurer Herman E Sgt 12189648   828th
Maylath Eugene E 2nd Lt 0-816536   831st
McBride Allen G   S/Sgt 18021021   829th
McCall George H Cpl 33533124   830th
McGregor Jack W Sgt 35613832   829th
McKeon Thomas J 1st Lt 0-828213   828th
McNulty James C   2nd Lt 0-683564   831st
Meech Francis R Jr Cpl 12071741   831st
Melillo Alexander  T/Sgt 12089295   828th
Melnikoff Herman A Cpl 32714341   831st
Menefee Charles A S/Sgt 18039692   829th
Merchant Theodore J 2nd Lt 0-723135   830th
Meyer  Elroy C Cpl 42094289   828th
Michalaros James 1st Lt 0-1540500   829th
Mikulak Peter Sgt 12218430   830th
Miller Joseph S 1st Lt 0-726012   829th
Miller Maurice H 2nd Lt 0-2058860   829th
Miller Richard 2nd Lt 0-835906   828th
Mizrahi Jack D Sgt 12191009   829th
Moore Thomas E 2nd Lt 0759819   830th
Morton Harry A Jr Cpl 15130506   829th
Mueller Albert C S/Sgt 36209566   829th
Murray Richard R Cpl 16123185   831st
Mysink William V Pfc 32304499   831st
Neitzel Eddie Capt   831st
Nemeth George A Cpl 35532578   831st
Nerdeman Leo H Cpl 35279064   831st
Nippes Clarence R Sgt 3348?7702   829th
Nitsche Arthur E S/Sgt 11103471   831st
Norton Roy J Pfc 34808609   831st
O'Connor Horace A Jr Sgt 19085970   829th
Oliver Harold L Cpl 36860221   829th
Olney Robert J 2nd Lt 0-811128   829th
O'Malley Robert B Cpl 37616766   830th
Osborn Edward R 2nd Lt 0-694497   829th
Osofsky Herbert L Sgt 15176594   830th
Owen Oscar E Cpl 12037012   831st
Pakulla Stanley M S/Sgt 16079769   829th
Palmer Donald L 2nd Lt 0-2059581   831st
Papadopulos Michael C Sgt 1113913   828th
Permenter Raymond W Sgt 39697172   828th
Perry Joseph 2nd Lt 0-785423   830th
Peters Jack P S/Sgt 12050274   830th
Petersen Paul J S/Sgt 17024699   830th
Peterson Clayton E T/Sgt 39855616   829th
Pfaehler Fred O S  Cpl 33522392   829th
Pidone Louis J Pvt 32714410   831st
Pierce Edgar A Sgt 36455248   829th
Pitkin Lee R S/sgt 38356889   831st
Ponce Leo J Cpl 37229664   831st
Pooley Earl W 2nd Lt 0-811137   829th
Pritchard Harry W 2nd Lt 0-702960   831st
Pullen William D 2nd Lt 0-758624   829th
Pumplin Robert H 2nd Lt 0-695525   831st
Rambeck Oscar J 2nd Lt 0-823959   830th
Ramming Raymond M Pfc 36368370   831st
Randich John V Sgt 36726912   828th
Rau Paul F Captain 0-383018   831st
Regnier Robert F 2nd Lt 0-2066198   830th
Regnier Robert F 2nd Lt 0-2066198   830th
Reid Lloyd Sgt 18108457   830th
Reiss Alfred E 1st Lt 0-819610   828th
Richardson Donald M 2nd Lt 0-697316   830th
Robbins Jack E S/Sgt 14135596   831st
Roberts Julius B Sgt 34538341   829th
Robertson Oliver Cpl 15119249   828th
Robertson Virgil A Sgt 39721017   828th
Rogers Robert C 2nd Lt 0-694949   828th
Rooth Eugene A S/Sgt 37121986   831st
Ross Robert L 2nd Lt 0-630704   828th
Ryan Joseph D Sgt 11116316   828th
Ryan Thomas F T/Sgt 32985208   830th
Sampsell Joseph C 2nd Lt 0-738890   830th
Sandall John C 1st Lt 0-729370   829th
Sasse Dean R Cpl 37469547   830th
Schanel Edward C Jr Cpl 36608013   831st
Schaub David W 2nd Lt 0-758637   828th
Scherr Howard M Pvt 6282209   829th
Schmidt August M Capt 0-365237   829th
Schneck Raymond E Cpl 15080866   829th
Schoenher Robert 1st Lt 0-742362   831st
Schultz Paul E Cpl 34739246   828th
Scott James H 2nd Lt 0-702495   829th
Scott Robert R Capt. 0-793295   830th
Sears Billy F 2nd Lt 0-761880   828th
Sexton Chester E Cpl 15394155   831st
Shaw Glenn C Sgt 38385945   831st
Sherman Gordon M Cpl 35296966   829th
Shinew Jerry B 2nd Lt 0-780334   829th
Shoobridge Robert R 2nd Lt 0-758647   830th
Sinclair Robert G S/Sgt 17127758   831st
Sipes William R 2nd Lt 0-705827   829th
Skarl Anthony R Cpl 32604323   831st
Sloan Robert F 2nd Lt 0-670641   831st
Smith Cecil W` S/Sgt 33537658   829th
Smith George F Jr S/sgt 12047537   831st
Sneden Arthur P 2nd Lt 0-822560   829th
Snitow Stanley J Captain 0-169065  
Spano Rosario Cpl 32735215   831st
Spettel Charles A Cpl 11120842   828th
Steinberg Alan G 2nd Lt 0-928236   830th
Sterling Melvin L Sgt 16156639   828th
Stone James E Pfc 34721265   831st
Stone Walter K T/Sgt 17127306   829th
Strom Glenn H 2nd Lt 0-557969   830th
Struich Alexander E Cpl 15133571   828th
Sullivan  Russell M Pfc 33563991   831st
Sumner Doyle G Cpl 38508320   828th
Sunshine Max 2nd Lt 0-649428   831st
Svensson Eric G Cpl 36668872   831st
Swenson Donald J 2nd Lt 0-2060897   831st
Tate Vernon L Sgt 38370968   831st
Taylor George Cpl 33854903   828th
Teeven Albert S Cpl 31426277   828th
Thomas Richard R Pfc 32197990   831st
Tomhave John P Colonel 0-22036   Hdqtrs
Turner Barryon F/O T-63717   830th
Twichell Harry    2nd Lt 0-776831   831st
Tyer Ivan D 2nd Lt 0-810079   829th
Uhl Joseph Pvt 32862118   831st
Vaessen William H 1st Lt 0-536855   829th
Vanderpool Robert J 2nd Lt 0-2062718   828th
Vaughn William Cpl 14109309   828th
Veal John M 2nd Lt 0-712324   830th
Ventimiglia Simon J Sgt 39121292   829th
Vincent Donald H 2nd Lt 0-712431   831st
Von Husen John C Cpl 32896098   830th
Waisath Elvis E Cpl 16122638   829th
Walker Richard H S/Sgt 31299906   829th
Walz Edward Sgt 32632330   829th
Ware Robert G 2nd Lt 0-811475   828th
Watts Bryson W 1st Lt 0-705463   829th
Weiner Marvin R 2nd Lt 0-801532   829th
Weiss  August L 2nd Lt 0-703543   829th
Weisser Benjamin Sgt 12120349   828th
Weldon Oscar E Sgt 39270370   831st
Welger Adam L 2nd Lt 0-751859   829th
Wenzel Winton W 1st Lt 0-650343   829th
Werer Elwood N Cpl 36733342   831st
Whaley Wallace C Jr 2nd Lt 0-702515   829th
Wheeler James Ralph 1st Lt 0-723723   828th
White Wallace D Capt 0-431320   830th
White 2nd Lt   828th
White  Thomas L T/Sgt 32550295   829th
Whorton William D S/Sgt 34651954   829th
Wideman James E Sgt 34798824   829th
Wilkerson Roy W Cpl 35682140   828th
Williams Leroy P Cpl 32802950   831st
Winer Bernard A Pfc 33642927   831st
Winslow Roy N Sgt 16159673   828th
Witham Harris L Sgt 35753847   829th
Wittenbrink George E S/Sgt 36446168   829th
Wodzinski Frank T 2nd Lt 0-810094   829th
Wolfson Milton  S/Sgt 12094984   829th
Wood John A Sgt 31287154   831st
Woodcock Marvin A 2nd Lt 0-777052   829th
Wynn William L Jr Sgt 33331246   831st
Yaw Myron L S/Sgt 35752576   828th
Yelland George C Sgt 19092136   830th
Yost Clifford W Sgt 15354317   829th
Young Paul B  1st Lt 0-919199   831st
Zamora Santiago Pfc 38367479   831st
Zeiner Lowen E Sgt 37500922   830th
Zwinak Raymond J 2nd Lt 0-777400   829th

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